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Through years of experience in the fashion industry, traveling and shopping internationally and domestically, I provide a broad scope
of services, including fashion design, illustration, production and image consultation. Here is is snapshot of some clients and job descriptions:

Mattel Inc.

Consulted as a fashion designer and illustrator to create the 2003 BarbieTM Style Guides. The product is a reference book with CD-ROM indicating direction for color, fabric, pattern, graphics, styles and silhouettes.

Levi Strauss & Co.

Collaborated with product merchandising team to manage, design and manufacture various branded product lines for specific consumer segments. Includes tops, bottoms and T-shirts.

Partnered with the product development team as a fabric and finish technical developer. Sourced fabric, negotiated prices, developed finishes and sent out detailed online packages.
Teamed with marketing group to produce a customized mens product line for the music band Black Eyed Peas. Designed by Adam Parkinson, I researched, bought fabric and sundries, hired and worked with pattern makers and seamstresses.
Personal Shopper

Consult with a variety of clients, ranging from financial consultants, doctors, producers and entrepreneurs. Services include:

Consultation - Review personal style, specific objectives and offer wardrobe alternatives.

Shopping - Research market and purchase contemporary complimentary pieces.

Closet Management - Assess closet contents and suggest key accessories and items to enhance existing wardrobe.

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