1950s - 1970s
The Future
The Sheraton Grand Sacramento was originally a 1920's public market building. To celebrate the grand opening of the hotel, TrapezeWorld created an extraordinary evening of entertainment.

The theme for the performance was a magical glide through the eras of the 20th century and beyond.

The show started with a 1920s director, camera man and newsboy, who heralded in each decade with its cast of performing characters:

1920s - Trapeze artist flappers
1940s - Contortionist siren
1950s - "Happy Days" handbalancer
1960s - Hippy hand-to-hand act
1970s - "John Travolta" master juggler
Futuristic Finale - Spectacular concurrent aerial acts, wall-walks and a ballet love duet.

Wardrobe Stylist:
Sasha was the sole wardrobe stylist for the three day extravaganza and was tasked with building nearly 100 costumes for the 30 participants. Not only did the wardrobe pieces need to be period-precise, they were required to be functional for performance.

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